First Member-Managed Cannabis Fund

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US Focused Fund

But will consider Canadian and Israeli opportunities

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Seed and Early-Stage Investment

High-Growth Businesses in the Cannabis Industry

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Monthly Decision Cycles

Company Presentations to Committees Members

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$50k to $250k Check Size

Committed Capital Fund with Sidecar Investments

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Arcview Collective Fund ("The Collective"), formerly Viridian Members Fund invests in seed, early-stage and opportunities in companies with high-growth potential in the cannabis industry. The Collective invests across subsectors where it leverages its members’ expertise, to make investments averaging $50,000 to $250,000, each, over the life of the investment.

The Arcview Collective Fund is a member-managed venture fund. This is a hybrid model between an angel group and a traditional venture fund. The members of the fund range from experienced angel investors and partners in VC funds to executives of successful companies.

Our members bring their expertise to the table and can actively participate as much as they like in the fund's investment process. Members are also given the opportunity to make additional investments alongside the fund.

Sub Sector Focus

Initial focus on the following subsectors of the cannabis industry: Agriculture Technology, Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals, Software Media & Analytics, Cultivation & Retail, Infused Products and Extracts, and Miscellaneous Ancillary Products & Services


The fund has a primary focus on the United States, although companies in Israel and Canada are considered.


The Fund will mostly invest in seed, and early-stage companies that have proof of concept, are revenue positive or have generated insightful user metrics. The Fund will also invest in select later-stage companies and special situations.


Unlike a standard venture fund, the General Partnership is owned by the investors.

The Membership makes investment decisions, pursuant to a committee structure. Committees are set up to handle the business of the fund. An Executive Committee is comprised of volunteers from the Membership and provides oversight of the Arcview Collective Fund.


Investment opportunities are introduced to The Collective by founders, members, affiliated organizations, fund managers and other institutions. Deals may also be submitted through our website here. Submitting companies are requested to submit a presentation and complete the intake questions.


The Evaluation Committee members review investment opportunities, and if the Evaluation Committee elects to have a company present to the Membership, it will help the company prepare for the presentation.

Due Diligence:

A Due Diligence Committee is established for each portfolio company approved by the Membership for due diligence. Each Due Diligence Committee will make a recommendation to the Membership who will then vote to make an investment in the Company or pass.


Following an investment, a Monitoring Committee is established for each portfolio company, often including members of the Due Diligence Committee, to work with the portfolio company and report on the company at meetings of the Membership. The committee is responsible for keeping the fund members updated on the portfolio company’s material developments, including management changes, subsequent rounds of venture investments and the company's business milestones.


Jeffrey Finkle, CEO Arcview Ventures
Jeanne Sullivan, CIO Arcview Ventures

Founding Advisors:
Joe Rubin - ARC Angel Fund
Mike Kelly - Merion Partners
Ed Reitler - Reitler Kailas & Rosenblatt
Scott Rosenblatt - Reitler Kailas & Rosenblatt
Scott Greiper - President, Viridian Capital Advisors

Troy Dayton, Co-Founder, The Arcview Group
Ari Hoffnung, CEO, Vireo Health
Brent Johnson, CEO Hoban Law
Zachary Rapp, Co-Founder, & CEO, Sigma Genetics

Executive Committee
Samir Chokshi, Chairman, Executive Committee
Jennifer Simonian, Former Blackrock, Winky Lux
Sandy Wollman, Co-founder Westchester Angels

Evaluation Committee
Scott Coleridge, Co-Chairman, Evaluation Committee
Doron Greenberg, Co-Chairman, Evaluation Committee
Samir Chokshi
Gopa Dobson
Robin Freshman
Michael Gibbons
Toan Huynh
Marty Isaac
Mark Melnyk
Margaret Morrison
Elizabeth Wald
Jeffrey Zink
Marc Whitlow
Blake Roberts

Sourcing Committee
Samir Chokshi
Toan Huynh
Jennifer Simonian
Sandy Wollman

Sarah Babineau, Human Resources Professional
Chris Burggraeve Chairman, Toast, Inc.
Mary Caracappa, MD, Morgan Stanley, Angel Investor
Paige Cecchi, Corporate Development TerrAscend
Samir Chokshi, Managing Partner, CIO, Magara Capital
John Cococcia, Venture Partner, Armory Sq. Ventures
Scott Coleridge, Private Equity Investor
Lori Corsley, Private Investor
Gopa Dobson, Investor Relations, The Arcview Group
David Dussault, CEO, P1 Ind., Upstate Venture Connect, ARC Fund
Jeffrey Finkle, CEO Arcview Ventures
Corey Friedman, Online Media and Licensing Executive
Michael Gibbons, Former CFO, Wilber Ross Funds
Doron Greenberg, Spearflower LLC
Scott Greiper, President, Viridian Capital Advisors
Jeff Guberman, CEO McVeigh Inc., Angel Investor 38 Members
Thierry Ho, Director, Reitler Advisory Group
Gary Hochstadt, Principal Engineer, Raytheon Corporation
Mary Hochstadt, Speech Specialist, Wayland School District
Toan Huynh, Cloud Sherpa, 37 Angels, ARC Angel Fund
Mary Isaac, Entrepreneur, Angel Investor, Activist
David Issacs, Angel Investor, ARC Angel Fund
Robin Jacobs Freschman, Former CEO, Fashinvest, ARC Angel Fund
Richard Kamzan, Real Estate Investor
Chris Kelly, Chairman, POMCO, ARC Angel Fund
Evan Kushner, Kusner & Marano, P.C.
Brian Kwait, Private Investor
Jason Kwait, Private Investor
Kevin McGovern, McGovern Capital
Mark Melnyk, Angel Investor
Margaret Morrison, Americas Leader Business Dev, E&Y
Dan Moskowitz, Angel Investor
Istvan Nadas, Dunes Point Capital
Daniel Osman, King Ventures
Chris Peck, Senior Partner, Alera Group, Angel Investor
Alex Peselman, Mission Capital Group
Blake Roberts, Private Investor
David Rothstein, CEO, RTi Research
Jonathan Schorr, Tax Attorney
James Sidford, Member, Deer Valley Ventures, LLC, Private Investor
Jennifer Simonian, Ex-Blackrock, VP of Finance, Winky Lux
Benjamin Thompson, Attorney
Elizabeth Wald, Investor
Bill Weinberg, CEO, Bill Win Development, Angel Investor
Marc Whitlow, PhD, Private Investor
Sanford Wollman, Co-founder, Westchester Angels
Jeffrey Zink, Growth Advisor, Westchester Angels